Wearable Aromatherapy is a personal perfume applied to your hands, palms, wrists, arms, neck, hair, legs, feet...anywhere externally.
Do not ingest or use in sensitive areas like lips, eyes, ears, and intimate areas.

Warm Hearts Aromatherapy

  • Lavender: SMELLS LIKE: You just took the deepest breath in the world and you can FINALLY relax. Herbal, floral, fresh and sweet

    Be-You-Tiful: Cinnamon + Sweet Orange + Ginger

    SMELLS LIKE: You are the definition of beautiful, exactly as you are. Notes of warm cinnamon, ginger, and citrus.

    Notorious T-Ruth: Lavender + Lemongrass + Frankincense

    SMELLS LIKE: Dissent and a smile. Herbal, earthy & brought to order with a lemongrass gavel.

    Pretty Dope Soul: SMELLS LIKE: A sweet citrus smile, with a wink of tuberose femininity. A strong floral and citrus mix.

    Spiritual Gangsta: SMELLS LIKE: Citrus and soul with a lemongrass power kick! It has an earthy, citrus with some warmth and woodiness.

    Wanderlust: Basil + Lime + Bergamot

    SMELLS LIKE: A one-way ticket to living your best life. Notes of warm herbs & spicy citrus.

    Lemongrass: SMELLS LIKE: You're wearing Chuck Norris Action Pants (look it up, it’s a thing) with a lemongrass kick! Strong, lemony, green…no apology!

    Stay Wild: Eucalyptus + Peppermint + Grapefruit

    SMELLS LIKE: You know your self-worth. Notes of Eucalyptus, peppermint & a hint of citrus.

    Hustle & Heart: Lemon + Bergamot + Sweet Orange

    SMELLS LIKE: Not settling. Notes of Lemony Citrus, and Success.

    Yoga-Ta Be Free: SMELLS LIKE: Yoga pose perfection. Notes of citrus, wood, fresh mint and herbs.

    You're So Money: Sweet Orange + Litsea + Patchouli + Frankincense

    SMELLS LIKE: Dinner’s on You, Richie Rich. Notes of…bright citrus & earthiness, with a dose of determined frankincense.

    Not My Circus Not My Monkeys: Lemon + Bergamot + Chamomile + Palmarosa

    SMELLS LIKE: You do you, Boo, and I’ll do me. Lemony citrus notes, with a touch of warm rosy herbs and chamomile.