Sangria is the first perfect party drink. Mix hundreds of different ways, or just poured over ice, fruity and delicious, Ed Hardy Sangria is everyone's favorite, fashionable party guest. This Sangria is a refreshing blend of red or white wine, citrus fruit flavors, and a special spice extract.

Sangria: White or Red

Sangria color :)
  • People around the world are answering the call to save our coral reefs. Scientists, activists, entrepreneurs, philanthropists and people from all walks of life are banding together to take action to halt the crisis and to preserve and restore our coral reefs. Taking action to support this cause is the inspiration behind Living Coral wine.

    Living Coral is not just a wine with a cause. Living Coral is a wine that exists because of a cause – to educate wine lovers about the importance of coral reefs, to create awareness of the threats they are facing, and most importantly, to take action to ensure these valuable, vibrant undersea ecosystems that we depend upon do not vanish from our planet.

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