The Cookbook that Celebrates Common Humanity

We recently ordered in a new cookbook to Simply Fair,, 2357 W. Monroe in Springfield, IL. It’s titled, “Share: The cookbook that celebrates our common humanity.” It’s the creative work of Women for Women International and 100 percent of the publisher’s profits go to Women for Women International.

The forward is by actress Meryl Streep. She calls it a book of joy. And I wholeheartedly agree, the book makes you smile – to know you’re helping another woman millions of miles away and to know you’re connected through a recipe or thought.

“Women for Women International began with a commitment on the part of a single individual to contribute in some way to the global community. The underlying message of this cookbook, which celebrates the work of the charity, is exactly that simple: For all our apparent diversity – as individuals, societies and nations – our actions, however small, have an exponential influence in the world through our shared humanity.”

She adds, “Nothing more beautifully conveys our interdependence than the food we eat. Access to wholesome food is critical to whether we merely survive...or thrive.”

The individuals whose recipes are featured in the cookbook are all actively engaged in a range of humanitarian causes. Women for Women international works with women in war-torn countries around the world (Afghanistan, Bosnia, Herzegovina, Congo, Iraq, Kosovo, Nigeria, Rwanda and South Sudan). It is their focus on women’s inner strength and resourcefulness that drew Streep to their work. The book has recipes from world-class chefs and influential humanitarians as well as women whose lives have been improved by Women for Women.

I was drawn by the beautiful pictures, the captivating stories and the recipes that focus on fresh ingredients. This is a cookbook to treasure.

We live in a world where 70 percent of those living on less than $1 per day are women. Simply Fair exists to help some of those women by guaranteeing them a fair price for the beautiful items they create to help improve the lives of their families.

Women who participate in Women for Women enroll in a one-year program to receive business and vocational skills training, rights awareness, health education and financial and emotional support. For each woman helped, up to five others benefit, affecting an estimated 2.16 million family members since Women for Women was founded in 1993.

That’s something to celebrate.

Here’s a recipe from the book for a Protein Breakfast Smoothie, shared by John Prendergast.

Protein Breakfast Smoothie

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